Zetec to Kent Conversion

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Chassis Wiring Loom RF 02 onwards
Van Diemen Chassis Wiring Loom  Fits RF02 - Current  FF1600  . Easy To Fit - ..
FF1600  Chassis Wiring Loom
This is a Superb Product - Easy to Fit Wiring Loom . Fits Most Formua Ford FF1600. ..
Formula Ford Aluminium Radiator.
Formula Ford Aluminium Radiator - Fits most models of FF1600 These Radiators are Superb Qual..
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Formula Ford Throttle Kit
Formula Ford Throttle Kit complete with  Bracket ,return springs, carb link rod and barrell nut..
Medina sport 2012 spec engine tail
Medina sport's latest streamline engine tail fits RF99,RF00 and RF01 models. Available ..
Medina Sport Accelerator Inner cable
Medina sport Designed Inner Throttle Cable made in stainless steel with nipple on one end fits al..
Medina Sport Accelerator Outer cable.
Medina Sport Designed Accelerator Outer cable - fits van diemen RF88 Onwards . use with our stain..
Van Diemen - Medina Conversion Crash Box
Medina Sport Designed Independant Honey Combe Aluminium Crash Box Used in Conjuction With Medin..
Van Diemen FF1600 6 Point cryogenically frozen  Floating Brake Disc
FF1600 6 Point Floating Brake Disc-fits all van diemen Kent  Cars 1995 - current..
Van Diemen FF1600 8 Point cryogenically frozen Floating Brake Disc
FF1600 8 Point Floating brake Disc-Fits all Van Diemen Kent Cars RF01-Current. Note ,this br..
Van Diemen RF00 Onwards Fuel Filter sock
Van Diemen RF00 Onwards Fuel Filter Sock. Fits inside the fuel cell used when converting Zetec to..
Van Diemen RF01-Current 8 Point Hub
Genuine Van Diemen 8 Point Floating Disc Hub fits Front and Rear RF01-Current Kent and Zetec Cars ..
Van Diemen RF02 onwards Front Top Engine Mount
Van Diemen  Front Top Engine Mount  - Fits Models RF02 onwards . ..
Van Diemen RF02/11 Driveshaft Snubber.
Van Diemen Driveshaft Snubber-Fits RF02 -Current  Kent, Zetec and Duratec Cars. Use wit..
Van Diemen RF99 onwards 6 Point Floating Disc Hub
Genuine Van Diemen 6 Point Floating Disc Hub -fits Front and Rear RF99 onwards Kent or Zetec Ca..
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